White Dresses Galore

One of the biggest challenges I have faced throughout this entire wedding process is finding a white outfit. This search is actually not even for my wedding dress. That process was fairly simple. The white outfit I am in need of is for my rehearsal dinner and I have been on the hunt for months. I’m not even joking when I say I have looked at hundreds of dresses and jumpsuits and spent hours doing so. Just check my iPhone’s screen time and you’ll find that the daily average is quite concerning. 

The dilemma I am facing is not that there is a lack of dresses out there to choose from, there’s just a specific look I am going for which limits my options. Pair this with having to find a dress that isn’t too long or too big for my petite frame and the options dwindle down even more. I have purchased several dresses in the past few weeks and only found one option I have held onto. The two biggest lessons I have learned throughout this entire process are to make sure you start your outfit shopping early and to ensure the shop you are buying from has a good return policy. I definitely got burned by that last one recently and it cost me $30 to ship a $100 dress back to Australia only to get a store credit. 

Now that I have enough research hours under my belt to deem myself a master wedding rehearsal outfit shopper, I’d like to share my top online stores and some of the recent options I found. If anyone has any other suggestions, I am all ears! Where’s your favorite place to shop for a special occasion outfit?


Revolve is great because they have a ton of designers. Their prices do tend to be on the higher end, but you may find something within your budget or choose to splurge a bit. 

Cooper Midi Dress

Elora Dress


ASOS is one of my favorites for everyday clothes because they have the option to specifically filter for petites. 

Ever New Petite lace hi-low maxi dress with bow back in white

TFNC Petite bridesmaid satin halterneck top maxi dress in light blush


Nightcap clothing has an entire section dedicated to the bride to be. If you like lace and more of a boho vibe, look no further! 

Wisteria Lace Jumpsuit


Tons of options and very affordable! 

Classic Glam White Off-the-Shoulder Bodycon Dress

Drinks On Me White Sleeveless Pleated Bodycon Dress

Making Magic White Fringe Lace-Up Mini Dress

Hello Molly 

Similar to Lulus, Hello Molly offers more affordable white dresses and they also have an easy drop down to select the color you’re looking for. 

Time Well Spent Midi Dress White

I Heard a Rumour Dress White




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