Gift Guilt

Let’s talk about the continuous pressure to spend money on the bridal party. Starting with Instagram and Facebook, I’d always see postings of these lavish gift baskets brides would give to their potential bridal party asking them if they would be a part of their big day. So of course, when it was my turn to ask my chosen ladies, I wanted to go all out. I searched on Pinterest and googled the best items to put together. I wanted it all to be special and unique, so I went to Hobby Lobby and got each bridesmaid-to-be a basket and filled it with a personalized glass mug, monogrammed leather travel bag tag, candy, fancy soaps, and a mini alcohol bottle. After that was all said and done, it was well over $100 per girl! I look back and cringe a little about how obsessed I got over something so meaningless. 

It is now over a year and a half later and I am going through the same thought process, but this time it’s for gifts I want to give each girl at the rehearsal dinner. It’s time for an intervention though. I’ve been stressing for weeks trying to figure out what I was going to get them. I wanted the gifts to be meaningful and something they would use in the future. I began my research and once again found myself building out these bags of gifts. But why? Do they really need more bags they will probably never use with candles, glassware, jewelry, etc.? Why is there so much pressure and guilt to keep spending money? 

Here I am having to give myself a reality check that I don’t need to go over the top with paying friends and family in multiple gifts to be in my wedding party. Instead of buying “things,” I’ve been brainstorming on ways I can show my appreciation without breaking the bank. I thought one way I could do this is through a personal handwritten note or card. Speaking for myself, I’ve always held onto memories associated with receiving something sentimental. Other ideas I thought of include a spa day the week of the event where we could all get pampered in preparation for the wedding day or a fun girl’s night in, a nice frame and photo of the two of us, and a robe and slippers to wear while getting ready the day of. If you’ve been a part of a wedding party before, did you expect to receive gifts? What were some of the gifts, if any, that you truly appreciated? 




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