To Throw Away or to Repurpose

Bridal bouquets can range anywhere from $60-$1,000 depending on the area they are purchased, the number of flowers used, as well as the types of florals. According to, the average bridal bouquet is $250 which can be quite a hefty price to pay for something you may carry around for an hour. Covid has also impacted most businesses resulting in floral vendors raising prices by roughly 10%.

After the wedding, some brides prefer to stick the flowers in a vase with water until they are ready to toss while others become attached to their bouquet and want to explore ways to preserve them. If you fall into the latter category like me, you’re in luck! With the help of my cousin, I have found the following ideas to repurpose a bridal bouquet. 

  1. Custom Tray 

Esty has so many custom tray options depending on the style you are looking for. They offer multiple shapes (circle, rectangle, etc.), handle colors, and more. The ones by ResinGardener caught my eye first in my search. A pretty simple process, all you need to do is ship your bouquet and Courtney handles the rest. The tray could be used for drinks on your bar cart, hold a candle and coasters on your coffee table, or even be used as a space to display perfumes and lotions in a bathroom. 

  1. Ring Holder 

These ring holders will not only serve as a memory of your special day but will also be something you get a lot of future use out of. These are great to have on a nightstand to remember to take off your rings before bed or by the sink for convenient placing while washing dishes. Ring holders don’t take up a lot of room, always serve a purpose, and will never go out of style.



  1. Framed Pressed Flowers

Custom framed pressed flowers are a wonderful option for bouquet preservation. Hang in a bedroom or office and you can get a daily reminder of all the happy memories from your wedding day! Pressing and framing flowers allows you to keep the style of the bouquet alive while also functioning as a beautiful piece of art.






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