Securing the Groomsmen Attire

Last year Brandon and I went to Men’s Warehouse and designed him a custom-made suit for the wedding. We both really liked the blue suits compared to navy and since we figured he could get a lot of future use out of the suit we decided to go that route rather than a tux. He gravitated towards the idea of having a three-piece suit, probably because we were watching a lot of Peaky Blinders at the time. Deciding on his outfit was a piece of cake. We never made it far enough in the wedding planning process, however, to pick out the groomsmen attire. A combination of busy schedules and honestly being burnt out from the planning process, we had yet to make any selections until today. 

We arrived at our local Men’s Ware with no appointment. Oops, rookie move! They were kind enough to assist us, but it is recommended to make one so that you can ensure there will be someone to assist. We could definitely see that there were a lot of upcoming weddings, because at least 6 guys stopped in to either pick up a suit or to get measured while we were there. 

Wanting to stick with the same color for the groomsmen, but not too matching with Brandon’s suit, we decided to only go with pieces of the Calvin Klein Blue Suit, pants, white shirt, a matching blue vest, and a solid blue tie. The entire process was very easy and straightforward. We filled out paperwork to provide information on the groomsmen and when the wedding was taking place. The woman assisting us then created a group ID, uploading each groomsmen’s name and the exact pieces they needed to rent. I am glad we didn’t wait any longer than we did to select the outfits because the groomsmen now have a month to go get measured.

Besides having to have all measurements done 30 days in advance of the wedding date, the groomsmen only need to worry about picking up their outfits anytime starting 3 days before the wedding and then making sure everything is returned the day after. To make the return process even easier, it was suggested to have one person designated to return all outfits. The best part is that there are over 1,400 locations in the U.S. which is great because we have groomsmen in multiple states. If you’re in need of an uncomplicated way to pick out suits for your wedding, I highly recommend checking out Men’s Warehouse.




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