Don’t Forget to Tip!

It’s incredibly easy to go over budget with weddings if you are not aware of all the items you need to account for. There are many little things that will pop up over the course of planning so it’s important to have a buffer just in case. I’ve learned to always err on the high side when establishing a budget. After planning and building out our own budget, Brandon and I quickly realized we were missing one important line…tips! We were so focused on all the big vendor contracts that it completely slipped our minds. Thankfully since we postponed, we started to save every month and put away cash. Not really knowing how much, we assumed it would need to be quite a bit if we were going to tip most of our vendors. 

Most vendor bills are due within the last two weeks leading up to your wedding so it’s important to have your tips pre-assembled in envelopes and ready to go. Brandon and I were not sure what the suggested tipping guidelines even were until we did a quick google search. There’s a ton of information out there, but we compared three articles by The Knot, Brides, and WeddingWire taking the average answer into account. Here’s what we came up with for our own tipping list: 

Officiant: Civil officiant – $50-$100, Religious Officiant- $100-$300 donation to their institution. We lucked out here because we are having my brother officiate our wedding. 

Hair and Makeup: Also, another place we were able to save money because one of my bridesmaid/best friends is doing my hair. Like any other time, you would get your hair done, it’s suggested to tip hair and makeup pros 15%-25% of the total fee. 

Transportation: 15%-20% is recommended. Be sure to check your quote as gratuity may already be included like mine was. You are always welcome to tip more if you feel the service went above and beyond expectations. 

Photographer and Videographer: We will probably end up tipping our photographer since we’ve been really pleased with the service thus far and we know they will be having an assistant the day of. Otherwise, the articles said a tip is recommended if the pro works for a larger company and the suggested amount was $100-$200. 

Delivery and Set Up Staff: Tips are expected at $5-$20 per person.

Musicians or DJ: Tips are required. Musicians – $25-$50 per player, DJ – 10%-15% of the total bill or $50-$100. 

Caterer and Waitstaff: Check to make sure a service fee isn’t already included in your bill because ours was at 20%. If not, tip 15%-20% of the food bill. 

Bartenders: Our bartenders were also included as waitstaff in our food/alcohol bill so also double check. Each bartender should receive 10%-%15 of the total bar tab.

Parking Attendants: After estimating how many cars will be coming, each attendant should receive $1-$2 per vehicle. 

Wedding Planner/Coordinator: A tip is not expected, but if you feel they went above and beyond, gratuity of 10%-20%, or up to $500, is greatly appreciated. If your planner has assistants, it’s recommended $50-$100 each. 

Florist and Cake Baker: Tips are not expected or required, but if there is delivery or set up needed it is recommended to tip the staff. 



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