Don’t Forget to Tip!

It’s incredibly easy to go over budget with weddings if you are not aware of all the items you need to account for. There are many little things that will pop up over the course of planning so it’s important to have a buffer just in case. I’ve learned to always err on the high … Continue reading Don’t Forget to Tip!

A Day of DIY

Now that we are less than 7 weeks out, it seems wedding is on the mind 24/7. This past weekend my cousin and best friend came over to tackle several items on the to-do list. DIY decorations was top on that list. Besides saving money, one of my biggest priorities was to not have a … Continue reading A Day of DIY

First Dress Fitting

My first dress fitting was this past week and all I have to say is that I was feeling a lot of emotions. Overwhelmed, excited, nervous and to sum it all up…eeek! That counts as an emotion, right? It’s all starting to come together and finally feel real. Last year I went for my first … Continue reading First Dress Fitting

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

This wedding tradition is linked to a rhyme that originated in England during the Victorian Era. The original rhyme “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in her shoe” symbolized luck for the new bride. Each part of the “something” was given to the bride before her wedding day in hopes … Continue reading Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Gift Guilt

Let’s talk about the continuous pressure to spend money on the bridal party. Starting with Instagram and Facebook, I’d always see postings of these lavish gift baskets brides would give to their potential bridal party asking them if they would be a part of their big day. So of course, when it was my turn … Continue reading Gift Guilt

White Dresses Galore

One of the biggest challenges I have faced throughout this entire wedding process is finding a white outfit. This search is actually not even for my wedding dress. That process was fairly simple. The white outfit I am in need of is for my rehearsal dinner and I have been on the hunt for months. … Continue reading White Dresses Galore

The Wedding Day Timeline

Last week we chatted about getting organized in planning for the big day. Honestly it was perfect timing as this week Brandon, and I had our detailed timeline meeting with our coordinator! We chose a month of coordinator which means 30 days prior to the wedding date they will take over all vendor communication. However, … Continue reading The Wedding Day Timeline


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