T-Minus Two Months, Let’s Go!!

Remember back to those blocks and my Sunday tradition? If not, go back and read my first blog post here. I talked about how the blocks were double sided and on one side it counts down the weeks until the wedding date and if you flipped it to the other side, it starts counting down days. Well, this Sunday I finally got to switch to the days side! We’re two months out and there’s still so much to do. 

For the past three weeks wedding planning has taken a backseat to all the other things going on in my life. In thirty days, my month of coordinator will be taking over all vendor communication so that leaves me with a month to complete all the tasks I’ve been putting off. In using the Etsy detailed wedding checklist that I previously talked about a few weeks back, I’m going discuss all the items I need to complete in the next month and use this post to hold myself accountable. 

2 Months to Go Checklist (plus tasks rolling over from month 3):

  • Take dance lessons – to save money we will be checking out YouTube options 
  • Start writing vows…
  • Ask someone to help with returning wedding furniture + decor rentals while away…
  • Ask someone to help with returning or arranging dry cleaning for wedding outfits 
  • Decide if we’ll be giving thank-you gifts to our I Do Crew + involved family, eg both parents. Set time aside to make or buy these – we have gifts purchased for the groomsmen and Brandon’s dad, but still need to get gifts for the bridesmaids, flower girls, my dad, and both our moms. 
  • Confirm that I Do Crew’s outfits are sorted …
  • Update wedding website with additional FAQ’s provided by venue 
  • Continue updating guest RSVPs
  • …Keep budget spreadsheet up to date with latest payments made + next payments due
  • Complete wedding music workbook + send to DJ
  • Meet with photographer to discuss specific shots, locations + event timings – our meeting with the coordinator and photographer is next Tuesday! 
  • Give sign off on decor
  • Think about ceremony seating
  • Prebook personal grooming / beauty treatments for wedding week
  • Start working on any DIY projects

This weekend I am having another wedding planning session with my cousin and best friend. I’ve found what works best for me is having a strong support system, delegating tasks to not get overwhelmed, and setting aside time to get things done. Next week I’ll fill you all in on my progress. Time to get to work! 



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